Index of Clinical Studies

Index of Clinical Studies

The clinical studies included in this section attest to both the safety and effectiveness of Siliphos, the active ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle.

The reason these studies were originally conducted was to have Siliphos introduced as a pharmaceutical drug in Europe. Unlike here in the U.S., European doctors take botanical medicine very seriously. Physicians prescribe herbal preparations on a regular basis for specific conditions and diseases.

(Ref20C15) Effect of Siliphos on chronic active hepatitis:
Study shows significant reduction in elevated liver enzymes (and therefore hepatocellular necrosis) in just one week of treatment with Siliphos.

(Ref21C13) Therapeutic effect of Siliphos in chronic liver disease:
A small study of eight human subjects with chronic active hepatitis. This study shows significant benefits of Siliphos after just two months treatment.

(Ref8P22) Direct comparison of Siliphos to standardized milk thistle extract:
Study shows nearly 10x the bioavailability of Siliphos over the world’s best selling standardized extract.

(Ref18C14) Useful dosages of Siliphos:
Shows definite advantages of Siliphos at dosages ranging from 160mg to 360mg (measured as silybin). Dose/effect relationship is also demonstrated with the highest dosage tested getting the most dramatic results.

(c10) Considerably greater bioavialability of silybin as a component of Siliphos:
Laboratory study shows that binding silybin with phosphatidylcholine on a molecular level dramatically improves its bioavailablity on a cellular level.

(c3medline) Increased oral bioavailability of Siliphos in humans:
Human study compares Siliphos and the worlds best selling standardized milk thistle extract and shows how much better the results are with Siliphos.

(Ref9C8) Effect of Siliphos on cirrhotic patients:
Study shows that Siliphos does not significantly differ in its safe and beneficial activity in patients with cirrhosis vs. healthy control subjects.(Ref10C2) Long term usage of Siliphos:
Study shows the beneficial properties of Siliphos are not diminshed by sustained usage of the product.

(Ref12P19) Liver damage control properties of Siliphos:
Siliphos shows significant protective activity against liver damage. This study tested Siliphos protection against a variety of toxins.

(Ref13P6) Free radical scavenging properties of Siliphos:
Study shows the capability of Siliphos to scavenge free radicals and inhibit lipid peroxidation. It also demonstrates significantly higher blood plasma levels of silybin when administered as a component of Siliphos rather than in its unbound form.

(Ref14P13) Effect of silimarin on lipid peroxidation:
Study shows milk thistle extract (silymarin) to be a helpful antioxidant and silybin to be the most valuable constituent of silymarin.

(Ref15P16) Siliphos counteracts hepatotoxic effects:
Study shows Siliphos protects liver cells against free-radical mediated toxic liver injury.

(Ref16P23) Antioxidant activity of Siliphos against alcohol:
Study shows how Siliphos is dramatically more effective than pure silybin alone. Concludes Siliphos may be useful in counteracting damage caused by alcohol intake.

(Ref19C6) Tolerablility and effectiveness of Siliphos:
Study shows high dose tolerability of Siliphos as well as its increased effectiveness over conventional standardized milk thistle extract.

(c6medline) Liver protection potential of Siliphos:
Study shows the antioxidant and free radical scavenging effect of Siliphos.

(Ref7P12) Comparative bioavailability of Siliphos vs. silybin:
Study shows exactly how much better silybin is absorbed when combined on a molecular level with phosphatidylcholine (a patented process resulting in Siliphos).

(Ref11P1) Liver protective activity:
Shows Siliphos is more effective than its constituents, silybin and phosphatidylcholine, alone. The effectiveness of Siliphos is considerably greater than the sum of its parts.

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