Silymarin Phytosome™
Silymarin Phytosome™

There is one form of milk thistle extract that has been clinically proven to be dramatically more effective at protecting liver cells.

This more potent substance is called Silymarin Phytosome™ and is the same patented Phytosome form that is the active ingredient in Fatigue Relief Plus™.

Silymarin Phytosome supercharges the absorption and effectiveness of milk thistle.

World-renowned natural health expert, Dr. Michael Murray, talks about this increased effectiveness in the following excerpt from an article on Phytosomes in Healthworld:

“...Silymarin (milk thistle extract) is a potent liver-protecting substance, useful in all types of liver disease... Although silymarin is quite effective clinically, it is not very bioavailable (it is hard for the body to absorb). In contrast, binding one molecule of silymarin with two molecules of phosphatidylcholine in the Phytosome process creates a highly bioavailable new form of silymarin. The Phytosome form is far superior to simple silymarin in every respect.”

In an article about Hepatitis C in the March 1999 issue of Let's Live magazine author Nicole Brechka had this to say about the active ingredient in Fatigue Relief Plus™:

" ...A new form of milk thistle that is bound with phosphatidylcholine, called Silymarin Phytosome™, may be even more powerful for fighting liver damage..."

(You can read more about the patented Phytosome process and its advantages in the Phytosome® section of this website.)

What is a Phytosome brand product?

To be properly absorbed by the body, the active molecules of a herbal compound (bioflavonoids) must first link up with a fatty acid. This natural process usually takes place within the body. Unfortunately, not all the herbal compound is able to link up with fatty acids, resulting in much of the herb’s active ingredients passing out of the body, unused. Phytosome brand products put a stop to this wastage.

The patented Phytosome brand process ensures the vital link between bioflavonoid and fatty acid takes place before the herbal supplement is taken into the body, improving absorption, increasing biological availability, and enhancing delivery to the tissues. The fatty acid to which active plant ingredients are bound is a natural component of lecithin, known as phosphatidylcholine (fos-fah-ty-dil-ko-leen).

The milk thistle (Silybum marianum), is a tall, purple-flowered plant of Mediterranean origin belonging to the daisy family. Since early Greek times, milk thistle seeds have been used to treat liver complaints.

During the 1970s, German scientists were able to isolate the ingredient of milk thistle seeds that directly protects the liver cells. They called this component silymarin. Silymarin has a number of unique functions and is a particularly powerful antioxidant/free radical scavenger. It has been found to be particularly effective against the free radicals that cause the liver cells to degenerate.

Silymarin also appears to increase one of the liver’s most important detoxification enzyme, glutathione. Another way the liver can sustain damage is through the action of substances known as leukotrienes. These compounds arise when an enzyme known as lipoxygenase is present. Silymarin inhibits this enzyme, preventing the leukotrienes from attacking the liver.

These three effects, working in concert, strongly suggest that the presence of silymarin from milk thistle helps the liver’s natural antioxidant systems to deal with toxins more effectively. Silymarin also stimulates the production of protein in the liver. This results in the generation of new cells to replace old or damaged cells. Silymarin is especially effective in the prevention and treatment of liver damage caused by alcohol or toxic chemicals.

The absorption of silymarin is greatly enhanced by the Phytosome brand process. In one study, the amount of silybin (an active component of silymarin) recovered in the bile within 48 hours of ingestion was 11% for the Silymarin Phytosome™ brand group, and only 3 percent for the silymarin group.

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