Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fatigue Relief Plus™ available in tablets or capsules?

Fatigue Relief Plus™ is in tablet form and specially compounded and processed for breakdown and delivery to the appropriate areas of your digestive system. Capsules simply dissolve in any liquid and, while that is okay for some supplements it would not work well for the ingredients in Fatigue Relief Plus™.

Fatigue Relief Plus™ tablets deliver their nutrients precisely to the areas where they are best assimilated or taken in by the body.

The key nutrients are protected to get through your stomach acids to be absorbed through your intestines so more gets to your bloodstream in the form that will do your body the most good.

How many tablets are in a bottle?

120 tablets

How many tablets do I take a day?

For health enhancement or mild fatigue, two tablets twice per day (or four tablets per day which equals one bottle per month).

For moderate fatigue, two tablets three times per day (or six tablets per day which equals one and one half bottles per month).

For severe fatigue, two tablets four times daily (or eight tablets per day which equals two bottles per month).

See label:

Even for severe fatigue, you would need only be at the highest level for a maximum of two months. Then you could back off slowly to the maintenance level of just one bottle a month.

What is Silymarin Phytosome™ and what does it do?

Silymarin Phytosome™ is a patented form of milk thistle extract that combines one molecule of silymarin to three molecules of phosphatidylcholine. This process, called the Phytosome® process, has been scientifically proven to deliver up to 10 times more of an herb's active ingredients to your bloodstream. Milk thistle is notoriously hard for your body to absorb. The Phytosome® process sees to it that more gets to where you need it and less is simply washed out of your digestive system and into your toilet. With any other form of milk thistle, up to 10 times more goes to your toilet, rather to than your bloodstream and your liver.

That is the main benefit of the Phytosome® process. It provides enhanced delivery of the beneficial components of the herb. Dramatically enhanced delivery, in fact. This way there is much less waste and much, much greater benefit. You can read more about the Phytosome® process here.

How does Silymarin Phytosome™ compare to 80% standardized milk thistle extract (silymarin) or Silybin Phytosome™?

Silymarin Phytosome™ is 80% standardized milk thistle bound to phosphatidylcholine for up to 10 times more absorption (meaning mg for mg up to 10 times more gets into your bloodstream and into your liver).

Silybin Phytosome uses the exact same process but it includes one additional step of isolation/purification. Silymarin is made up of several bioflavonoids. These include silybin, silidianin and silichristin.

To create Silybin Phytosome the silybin is isolated (because it is thought to be the most beneficial of all the bioflavonoids) and it is then bound to the phosphatidylcholine in a two to one ratio (like the whole silymarin is in Silymarin Phytosome™).

Some people feel it is better to get more of the single component that seems to provide the most benefit. They would prefer Silybin Phytosome. Others believe it is better to get the full combination of bioflavonoids, closer to the way they naturally occur. These people would naturally choose Silymarin Phytosome™. I believe the best of both worlds is to take both, when possible. This means that you might want to take Silybin Phytosome (as found in Maximum Milk Thistle and UltraThistle) along with Fatigue Relief Plus™. Particularly if you know your liver is under more stress than normal.

Whatever Phytosome® form you choose, much more support and protection will get to your bloodstream than with any normal 80% standardized milk thistle formula.

How much silymarin (milk thistle extract) is in each tablet of Fatigue Relief Plus™?

Silymarin Phytosome™ is 1/3 silymarin bound to 2/3 phosphatidylcholine for up to 10 times the absorption of regular standardized milk thistle extract. Each tablet has 55mg of silymarin. And with 10 times the absorption you would need 550mg of regular standardized milk thistle to get the same amount into your bloodstream. At four tablets of Fatigue Relief Plus™ a day you would need over 2,000 mg of regular standardized extract to achieve the same levels in your bloodstream.

What proof is there that Silymarin Phytosome™ is a highly effective liver protectant?

The hundreds of studies that show any and all milk thistle products to be helpful attest to the effectiveness of Silymarin Phytosome™. Remember, the Phytosome® process simply assures that dramatically more of the helpful constituents get to your bloodstream and, therefore, to your liver.

In addition to the NT Factor® in Fatigue Relief Plus™, which supports cellular energy, the Silymarin Phytosome™ supports and protects liver function, another direct contributor to your energy levels. All glycogen (muscle fuel) is stored and released by the liver. Your liver may be stressed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to pollutants in the environment, physical stress, viruses, chemical imbalances, etc.

Fatigue Relief Plus™ includes Silymarin Phytosome™ because it has been proven the most effective whole milk thistle extract for reaching, protecting, supporting and helping to regenerate liver cells.

What if I already have normal energy levels and just want more energy?

Fatigue Relief Plus™ does not work that way. You must be chronically tired or fatigued to feel a difference. Take this fatigue level self test to be sure Fatigue Relief Plus™ will work for you: The Piper Fatigue Survey.

If your energy levels are normal and you are not operating with a deficient phospholipid balance in your body's cellular structure and/or a taxed liver, you cannot expect to feel a difference. This is lipid replacement technology and liver support and protection, not some sort of stimulant formula.

If your energy levels are good, count your blessings, save your money and invest in some other health enhancement.

If, however, you score a moderate to severe fatigue level on the Piper scale, you can expect to feel a dramatic positive difference of energy increase within four to six weeks and then maintain that improvement indefinitely with continued use of Fatigue Relief Plus at maintenance levels. Some people begin to feel revitalized within three days.

Why does Fatigue Relief Plus™ not give me extra energy if I already feel good?

Fatigue Relief Plus™ is not a stimulant and does not contain caffeine, ephedra, guarana, or any other stimulant. Those stimulants actually drain your energy reserves further and ultimately cause you to "crash". They deplete what energy you might have in reserve. Look at it this way: If your energy glass is half full and you take stimulants, they siphon from the half you have and actually lower the level of life energy further.

Fatigue Relief Plus™, on the other hand, is a food-based nutritional supplement for aiding cellular energy and liver health. If those areas are already balanced in your body, they cannot be balanced further. It helps your body make up for any shortfall by adding to your energy potential on a cellular level.

Consider your energy glass, again. If your glass is already full, any extra just overflows and is wasted. It does not contribute. Full is full.

However, if your energy glass is half empty, then having it gradually filled by Fatigue Relief Plus™, even just to three quarters, makes a dramatic and significant, positive difference in your energy levels and quality of life.

What proof is there that NT Factor® works?

See the clinical studies. Read about the science of lipid replacement therapy.

What is in NT Factor®, exactly?

NT Factor® is a nutrient complex extracted and prepared using proprietary processes. It is composed only of food and food components.

• Phosphoglycolipids - includes polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids and other polyunsaturated phosphatidyl nutrients.

• Bifido Bacterium, L. Bacillus, L-Acidophilus - freeze-dried and microencapsulated in a state of suspended animation with potential to form healthy microflora colonies.

• Growth Media - foods and bacteria growth factors to support microflora colonies including rice bran extract, arginine, beet root fiber, black strap molasses, glycine, magnesium sulfate, para-amino benzoate, leek, pantethine (bifido growth factor), taurine, garlic, calcium borogluconate, artichoke, potassium citrate, calcium sulfate, spirulina, bromelain, natural vitamin E, calcium ascorbate, oligosaccharides, B-6, niacinamide, riboflavin, inositol, niacin, calcium pantothenate, thiamin, B-12, folic acid, chromium picolinate.

NT Factor® is dietary supplementation clinically validated to reduce and eliminate fatigue, the most frequently mentioned complaint in primary care. NT Factor® provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids with probiotics. NT Factor®, is a nutrient complex medically validated to improve and preserve membrane health.

It is also a whole food tablet base that improves membrane health, benefits gastrointestinal health, enhances nutrient absorption, supports immune function and provides for the tablets to be all natural and completely derived from food sources.

This formula includes all the nutrients a person typically would want or need for the purposes of providing effective nutritional support from a dietary supplement. Note that it does not provide a significant caloric value and does not replace meals. All the nutrients that would be contained in a quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, antioxidant, essential fatty acid, probiotic and energy support formulations are included in moderate and well balanced amounts in NT Factor®.

I have food allergies, what about soy, etc.?

NT Factor® does not contain starch, salt, wheat, dairy products, soy protein, animal by-products, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, animal stearic acid, digestible plastics, or sugar.

NT Factor® and Silymarin Phytosome™ are both hypo-allergenic. The phospholipids derived from soy contain no soy allergens. They are as pure as can be delivered to the human body.

What is the potassium in the formula for?

Potassium fuels the krebs cycle. This is a process by which cells generate energy. It is included in this formula as one more element of cellular energy support.

I am already taking milk thistle, what difference will more make?

If you are taking any form of milk thistle extract that is not a Phytosome® form, then very little is getting to your bloodstream anyway. So, you likely need more. And, even if you are taking a Phytosome® form of milk thistle, no harm will come from taking more. The only side effect noted at high doses is loose bowel movements for some people. And when they simply backed off a bit they had no further problems.

According to the German Commission E Monographs, there is no known toxicity with milk thistle. Current studies with Hepatitis patients are testing far higher dosages than previous tests that showed safety and effectiveness. Researchers want to know how much better the already impressive liver protection action of milk thistle could be at much higher dosing than previously tested. That said, there seems to be a real reason to believe that more is better. And all evidence shows that more certainly will not hurt.

Do I have to take Fatigue Relief Plus™ with my meals?

Because it essentially is a food in its own right, Fatigue Relief Plus™ can be taken with or without meals.

How long should I take Fatigue Relief Plus™?

Fatigue Relief Plus™ will continue to deliver a beneficial value when used regularly. It provides complete, adequate nutrient supplementation and can be taken indefinitely. Clinical trials have demonstrated that NT Factor® will restore membrane health in elderly people to levels normal for young healthy adults. The same study also concluded that for people to maintain the improved benefit they should continue using Fatigue Relief Plus™.

Does Fatigue Relief Plus™ interfere with my medical treatments?

Frequently, doctors and patients are given the impression that nutrients and by extension nutrition can have a destructive impact. Relative to moderately dosed dietary supplements such as Fatigue Relief Plus this is an opinion that is not supported by a review of available scientific literature.

A particular area of concern is chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. To quote Dr Jerome B. Block, Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine and former Chief, Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Medicine, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA ; "Hypotheses that antioxidants' inhibition of free-radical activity may negate cytotoxic properties of some cancer therapies have been dependent on naive and inaccurate assumptions." This means that nutrition does not have the power to stop the intended purpose of these treatments. Nevertheless, it is prudent to skip nutritional supplements on the days of treatment since these treatments depend on stimulating free radical activity.

It should not be inferred that Natural Wellness® endorses the use of supplements for the treatment of cancer or of any disease. However, it is clear that dietary supplements properly presented will have dramatic quality of life improvements for people who undergo these treatments. Physicians, pharmacists and consumers should enjoy greater confidence that dietary supplement usage is beneficial. For more information on this topic, please see the studies on Antioxidants and Cancer, Cancer Risk Reduction, Antioxidants and Drug Therapy and Complementary Medicine in Oncology.

What if my fatigue is caused by a pharmaceutical drug I take and is an expected side effect? Can Fatigue Relief Plus™ alleviate this sort of fatigue without interfering with the effectiveness of my prescription?

Yes, Fatigue Relief Plus™ can help alleviate this sort of fatigue without negative affect. NT Factor® restores membrane fluidity and integrity throughout the body and Silymarin Phytosome™ protects and supports the liver. This combination can be very helpful for this sort of pharmaceutical drug side effect.

Why does NT Factor® help reduce fatigue when other means do not?

The reason NT Factor® helps when no other nutritional or drug regimen does on a reproducible basis is as follows:

All nutrients have cellular antioxidant capability. The principal action of antioxidants is to protect cell and mitochondrial membrane from free radical attack. However, in the already compromised individual typical nutrients have limited capacity to work effectively.

NT Factor® introduces the ability to restore cell membrane health and nourish healthy cell membrane and mitochondria membrane thereby setting the stage for better utilization of moderately dosed nutrients while at the same time inhibiting cancer cells.

NT Factor® does not contain any amount of any one or combination of nutrients that would interfere with treatments. Nutrients that support rapidly dividing cells (the type of cell that chemotherapy targets) are held to an absolute minimum such as vitamin C and folic acid.

Are there any medical contraindications? Can it be used with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy?

All of the ingredients in NT Factor® are food and are recognized as food to the body. Much research points to the necessity of good nutrition being an integral part of cancer management. NT Factor® does not present a potential to interfere with treatment.

What should I expect?

Increased energy and relief from fatigue can begin in as little as three days. However, most people begin to experience significant differences over the course of 10-28 days. The benefits are cumulative and progressive and depend on regular use. Fatigue Relief Plus® is not intended to be, nor replace, accepted standard treatment for any disease. Fatigue Relief Plus® is not a treatment for any disease. Its sole benefits are to improve your energy levels and quality of life.

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