Clinical Proof For Both Key Ingredients

Clinical Proof For Both Key Ingredients:

NT Factor® and Silymarin Phytosome™ have both been clinically validated by published medical research studies. The following give you access to some of that proof.

Lipid Replacement

NT Factor® is referred to in scientific literature as Lipid Replacement Therapy. Lipid Replacement technology represents the ability to replace phospholipids in cell and mitochondrial membranes, thereby improving fluidity, potentials and functions.

This science is a natural outcome of the historic work of Dr. Denham Harman, the author of seminal papers 1,2 on aging involving free radicals, antioxidants and the mitochondria as an internal clock that defines our natural lifetimes

Nicolson G.L., Lipid Replacement Therapy as an Adjunct for Chronic Fatigue, Anti-Aging and Restoration of Mitochondrial Function. JANA. 2003; 6(3):22-28

Explains value of Lipid Replacement Technology, sources and recap of research.

Reviews potential applications.

Nicolson G.L., Chronic Fatigue, Aging, Mitochondrial Function and Nutritional Supplements. Townsend Letter For Doctors 2003; July/August

Explains value of Lipid Replacement Technology, sources and recap of research.

Reviews potential applications.

Agadjanyan, M., Vasilevko, V., Ghochikyan, et al. Nutritional supplement (NT Factor®) restores mitochondrial function and reduces moderately severe fatigue in aged subjects. J Chronic Fatigue Syndr. 2003; 11(4):in press Defined NT Factor®as Lipid Replacement Therapy

Proved NT Factor® caused reversal of age related loss of mitochondrial function.

Proved NT Factor® caused relief of fatigue in elderly people experiencing moderate and severe fatigue.

Dr. Harman and subsequent researchers, most notably Dr. Bruce Ames3, have demonstrated that nutritional intervention can improve our outcomes for a healthier, more energetic life by paying attention to our central energy producing potential, the mitochondria.

Dr[s] Jon Singer and Garth Nicolson provided a classic study4 that defined our current model of membrane organization, providing a narrow window that within optimal cellular function would be found.

NT Factor® is clinically validated to reduce and eliminate fatigue. NT Factor® is proven to improve membrane fluidity, to improve mitochondrial membrane potential and to restore membrane functions to a much earlier age.

The import of improved membrane fluidity is far broader than better energy. The papers in this section begin to explain the potential for NT Factor®. Each paper has been peer-reviewed by medical doctors and published in medical journals or trade magazines within the appropriate perspectives or viewpoints section.


1] Harman, D. (1956) “Aging: A Theory Based On Free Radical And Radiation Chemistry” J Gerontal 11: 298-300

2] Harman, D. (1972) “The Biological Clock: The Mitochondria” J Am Ger Soc 20: 145-47.

3] Beckman, K. & Ames, B. (1998) “The Free Radical Theory Of Aging Matures” Physiol Rev 78: 548-81

4] Singer & Nicolson (1972) “The Fluid Mosaic Model Of The Structure Of Cell Membranes”. Science 175:720-731

Liver Cell Protection and Support

Over 700 clinical studies have been carried out on silymarin, the extract from the milk thistle plant.

The Phytosome® process has been proven to increase absorption of botanical extracts by up to ten times.

We have compiled a list of studies regarding the safety and effectiveness of milk thistle, Silymarin Phytosome™ and its sister product, Silybin Phytosome™ (Siliphos™).

See an index of key clinical studies related to Silymarin Phytosome™, here.

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