The Breakthrough Formula!

The Breakthrough Formula!

You Get the Best of TWO Powerful Supplements

Fatigue Relief Plus™ is an exclusive combination of two clinically validated substances, NT Factor® and Silymarin Phytosome™.

The NT Factor® in Fatigue Relief Plus™ works by supplementing the phosphoglycolipids your cells need to effectively generate energy for your entire body. No other nutritional product has been clinically proven to successfully restore energy levels this way.

While fortifying your cells on a molecular level with NT Factor®, Fatigue Relief Plus™also effectively protects and supports all of the liver's most vital processes with Silymarin Phytosome™.

By themselves, each of these powerful substances can help you. Together, they provide unmatchable and unstoppable fatigue fighting power.

Your One-Two Punch Against Fatigue

Fatigue Relief Plus™ is the only product that provides this one-two punch... mitochondria support from NT Factor® AND liver cell protection from Silymarin Phytosome™.
Simply stated, Fatigue Relief Plus™ feeds your cell's power houses, the Mitochondria, while at the same time protecting and supporting your liver's detoxification function.

No other product on the market offers this unique combination of fatigue fighting effectiveness.

NT Factor® Increases Energy From Your Cells Up

Published clinical trials show that NT Factor® by itself and NT Factor® in a preparation with a moderately dosed range of nutrients, reduced severe fatigue in adults. Both trials showed that NT Factor® would reduce severe or moderate fatigue in just four to eight weeks.

The Mitochondria Connection

Energy and fatigue is a reflection of the health of a person’s mitochondria, which are compartments within our cells. Many textbooks call the mitochondria the 'power houses' of our bodies because this is where we convert oxygen and food to energy. The health of mitochondria also determines how fast we age or get sick. Or how vital and energetic we may be. Now there is a way to protect and revitalize our energy.

In a recently published clinical trial participants ranging in age from 55 to 92 had their mitochondrial function measured before, during and after using the dietary supplement NT Factor®. The participants also filled in forms attesting to the degree of fatigue they were experiencing.

The researchers stated this was very important since fatigue is considered the most frequently mentioned complaint in primary care. Reduced mitochondrial function is noted in virtually every chronic disease, though it is not generally considered the cause of chronic disease.

Boosting Cellular Energy

According to the lead researcher in this study, Dr. Garth Nicolson, “After just 8 weeks participants recovered mitochondrial function to levels normal for young healthy adults." He concluded by stating “NT Factor® has proven to be a valuable tool in helping maintain mitochondrial function. NT Factor® should be an important part of anti-aging strategies as well as strategies used to treat various age-associated degenerative diseases and conditions."

Combining the NT Factor® with enhanced liver detoxification was my goal. To achieve this goal I worked with the nutritional experts at Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc. (the developers of NT Factor®). After considerable exploration I chose to blend NT Factor® with the patented liver remedy, Silymarin Phytosome™ to create a breakthrough energy enhancement formula.

Why Silymarin Phytosome™?

Silymarin Phytosome™ is one of the most powerful liver protection and support substances available on the planet without a prescription.

Its patented process boosts absorption of milk thistle extract by up to 10 times. That means up to 10 times more gets into your bloodstream and to your liver, where it goes right to work.

Silymarin Phytosome™ works by protecting and supporting your liver, improving its ability to detoxify your system and reduce oxidative stress.

Anyone familiar with the liver knows how important this organ is in regard to your body's energy generation, storage and maintenance. That is why I had to include a world class liver helper in this fatigue fighting formula.

Much Better Together

Together, NT Factor® and Silymarin Phytosome™ provide a state-of-the-art energy enhancement solution. I named this powerful new formula Fatigue Relief Plus™.

What can you expect from this powerful formula? Consider this list:

  • Proven to help ANYONE increase energy.
  • No caffeine, ephedra, guarana or other stimulants
  • Two best-in-class ingredients (one patented, one proprietary) in one formula
  • Clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective
  • Increases core energy by repairing your cell's own power centers, the mitochondria
  • Boosts muscle cell output
  • Supports system-wide detoxification
  • Protects liver function and helps regenerate liver cells
  • Prevents and neutralizes free-radical damage
  • Not a band-aid or quick fix, it gets to the root of your fatigue, counteracting deterioration of our cell membranes
  • Repairs cellular damage that antioxidants don't prevent

Fatigue Relief Plus™ is the safest, most advanced, most powerful and most effective natural fatigue fighter you can buy. And I guarantee it.

Isn't this the clinically proven fatigue fighting product you've been hoping for?

Order Fatigue Relief Plus™ here.

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