Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide

Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide:

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease

In this authoritative guide, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease,
an entire chapter is dedicated to NT Factor® and its fatigue fighting mechanism (referred to as lipid replacement therapy). This chapter, written by Dr. Anthony Jimenez, MD, provides interesting insight into the efficacy of NT Factor®.

Here is a bit of what Dr. Jimenez says about NT Factor® in the book:

"In pre-clinical experiments with lipid replacement therapy, controlled studies were conducted and published in peer-reviewed medical literature under the supervision and authorship of Michael Seidman, MD... These studies proved that the nutrient delivery system, a phospholipid-rich supplement known as NT Factor®, demonstrated improved mitochondrial function..."

Doctor Jimenez goes on to say:

" ...The combination of these trials and my own clinical experiences with patients has convinced me that lipid replacement therapy is one of the key elements in combating fatigue... Through the use of lipid replacement therapy, I have been able to help (patients) regain their energy and stamina and feel better..."

And, finally:

"I have seen many products that claim to increase energy, but few, if any, would I endorse. As a practitioner, I require clinical proof for the efficacy of any supplements I consider for my patients and I must be assured that they are both safe and offer measurable results. NT Factor® meets both those tests."

These are the words of a doctor who regularly works with patients who have fatigue (his practice focuses on cancer treatments). He has read the studies. He has tried NT Factor® on his own patients and has seen positive results. He believes in this product.

If you are looking for proven fatigue relief you need to ask yourself, what other energy supplement has published endorsements like this from a doctor?

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