Fatigue Relief Plus - Reduce chronic fatigue and boost energy naturally

33 percent fatigue reduction Now You Can Blast Fatigue From Every Cell in Your Body, Whatever Your Age or Condition

Just imagine enjoying productive, joy-filled days and feeling like you have a new spring in your step, more energy, more vitality, more mental sharpness. Imagine enjoying activities as long as you'd like to, without feeling like you'd rather take a nap instead.

Ask yourself, what would YOU do, if you had more energy to enjoy life?

Fatigue Relief Plus® Replenishes, Renews and Restores Your Energy

In clinical trials, the ingredients in Fatigue Relief Plus® helped severely fatigued people dramatically and consistently (up to 40% reduction in 8 weeks) regardless of whether or not they had an accompanying medical condition.

Whether the root cause of your fatigue is easily identified or practical to treat, you will benefit from Fatigue Relief Plus®.

This is because any stressful state of your body causes a deterioration of the power plants of your cells. And Fatigue Relief Plus® directly replenishes your cells, refuels the power plants and reverses this deterioration while also protecting and supporting your liver's detoxification functions.

Scientifically Proven Relief From Fatigue

If energy production is inhibited on a cellular level, you will have less energy. If cellular energy production is operating effectively, you will have more energy. It is really that simple.

According to an article in the Journal for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

"In a recent clinical study of a unique nutritional supplement, medical researchers from University of California at Irvine and the Institute for Molecular Medicine found that severely or moderately fatigued participants dramatically relieved their fatigue in weeks."

In this same study on participants with an average age of 70-years, lead researcher, Dr. Garth Nicolson, stated "...After just 8 weeks participants recovered mitochondrial function to levels normal for young healthy adults."

The subject of this study was a food-based supplement called NT Factor®. Amazingly, these results represent the only successful clinical trials for ANY compound designed to defeat fatigue.

Dr. Nicolson, named the process by which NT Factor® restores cellular energy-generation capacity "Lipid Replacement Technology". The book Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease has an entire chapter devoted to "Lipid Replacement Technology" and NT Factor®.

No other nutrient or pharmaceutical alternative has been validated in any peer-reviewed clinical publication to consistently relieve fatigue --- only NT Factor®. These studies confirm NT Factor® is the real thing, with real proof of safety and effectiveness in reducing fatigue without stimulants --- unlike anything else on the market.

The researchers also determined that individuals could maintain their improved function if they continued to use NT Factor®.

This means this fatigue relief can be enjoyed on an ongoing basis.

"I have seen many products that claim to increase energy, but few, if any, would I endorse. As a practitioner, I require clinical proof for the efficacy of any supplements I consider for my patients and I must be assured that they are both safe and offer measurable results. NT Factor meets both those tests." Tony Jimenez, MD in the book, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease.

Too Good to Be True?

For people over the age of 50 who were severely fatigued, researchers provided the participants with NT Factor®. In this study fatigue was reduced by 40% in 8 weeks.

Remember, a 40% reduction of fatigue is a 40% increase in energy.

The results spoke for themselves.

Since then, NT Factor® has worked for countless others.

And it can work for you, too.

"NT Factor® supplementation to chemotherapy is significant in reducing fatigue..." Jerome B. Block, MD, Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Liver Function Is Another Key Element In Your Fight Against Fatigue

Silymarin (also known as milk thistle), is the most recommended herbal supplement available for supporting liver health. The Phytosomeform of silymarin is one of the most powerful liver protection and support substances available on the planet without a prescription.

Silymarin Phytosome's patented process boosts absorption of milk thistle extract by up to 10 times. That means up to 10 times more gets into your bloodstream and to your liver, where it goes right to work.

Silymarin Phytosome® works by protecting and supporting your liver, improving its ability to detoxify your system and reduce oxidative stress.

Anyone familiar with the liver knows how important this organ is in regard to your body's energy generation, storage and maintenance. That is why we had to include a world class liver helper in this fatigue fighting formula.

Much Better Together

Together, NT Factor® and Silymarin Phytosome® provide a state-of-the-art energy enhancement solution.

What can you expect from this powerful formula? Consider this list:

  • Proven to help ANYONE increase energy
  • No caffeine, ephedra, guarana or other stimulants
  • Two best-in-class ingredients (one patented, one proprietary) in one formula
  • Clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective
  • Increases core energy by repairing your cell's own power centers, the mitochondria
  • Boosts muscle cell output
  • Supports system-wide detoxification
  • Protects liver function and helps regenerate liver cells
  • Prevents and neutralizes free-radical damage
  • Not a band-aid or quick fix, it gets to the root of your fatigue, counteracting deterioration of your cell membranes
  • Repairs cellular damage that antioxidants don't prevent

Fatigue Relief Plus® is the safest, most advanced, most powerful and most effective natural fatigue fighter you can buy.

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You Get the Best of TWO Powerful Supplements

The NT Factor® in Fatigue Relief Plus® works by supplementing the phosphoglycolipids your cells need to effectively generate energy for your entire body. No other nutritional product has been clinically proven to successfully restore energy levels this way. (See slideshow)

While fortifying your cells on a molecular level with NT Factor®, Fatigue Relief Plus® also effectively protects and supports all of the liver's most vital processes with Silymarin Phytosome®.

By themselves, each of these powerful substances can help you. Together, they provide unmatchable and unstoppable fatigue fighting power.

"I was successfully treated for the most aggressive lung cancer (small cell carcinoma) 4 years ago. I underwent intensive therapy with the strongest chemotherapy and radiation. The nausea and fatigue were nearly unbearable. I had never recovered all my energy or clarity of thought but Fatigue Relief Plus® has given me more relief than anything else I have done since completing therapy." R. Marshall, Cancer survivor

Your One-Two Punch Against Fatigue

Fatigue Relief Plus® is the only product that provides this one-two-punch...mitochondria support from NT Factor® AND liver cell protection from Silymarin Phytosome®.

Simply stated, Fatigue Relief Plus® feeds your cell's powerhouses, the Mitochondria, while at the same time protecting and supporting your liver's detoxification function.

No other product on the market offers this unique combination of fatigue fighting effectiveness.

Isn't this the clinical proof you've been hoping for?

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Enjoy a fuller, richer life with Fatigue Relief Plus®:

  • Get up earlier and stay up later --- you'll need less sleep
  • Sleep more soundly --- fatigued sleep is restless sleep
  • Recover from exertion faster --- accomplish more without tiring
  • Stick with any activity longer --- finish more at one sitting
  • Respond to unexpected opportunities --- enjoy more unplanned activities (like playing with children, pets or loved ones)
  • Think more clearly --- make better decisions throughout the day
  • Deal better with frustration --- you respond more calmly when not tired
  • Experience less physical pain --- less fatigue equals less pain
  • Get around better --- drive your car without fighting sleep
  • Have energy left over for fun --- more energy always equals more fun
  • Heal more rapidly --- healing is quicker with adequate energy
  • Be more productive --- you will get more done at work or at home
  • Fight disease more effectively --- energy keeps your body healthier

Will You Get ALL These Life-Changing Benefits?

That depends on exactly how fatigued you are.

You see, Fatigue Relief Plus® brings the most relief to those with the most fatigue.

How much fatigue do you have right now?

How is it affecting your quality of life, your outlook on life, your relationships?

Many doctors and medical researchers use the Piper Fatigue Scale Survey to measure the severity of fatigue.

You might be surprised at your results...

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Where Is Your Fatigue?

To find out your fatigue levels you'd normally have to go to a doctor's office to take the Piper Fatigue Scale Survey, but...

Now you can take the Piper Fatigue Scale Survey right here, have it graded automatically and get your personal detailed results instantly --- all in the privacy of your own home and absolutely free of charge.

The 22-question Survey takes less than two minutes to complete and it will enable you to quickly and accurately assess your current level of fatigue on a scale of 1 to 10.

Take the Piper Fatigue Survey

Why are we making this survey available to you? Because, ongoing fatigue is not normal or healthy. And, you deserve to know how much relief you can get from Fatigue Relief Plus®.

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Beware of Inferior Products

Other energy enhancement products just don't compare.

That's because either they only provide B vitamins or glandular materials --- which only work if you are grossly deficient.

Or they utilize stimulants, like caffeine, guarana or ephedra --- which can be dangerous and actually wear you down further.

Or they are simply a blatant rip-off with no real fatigue fighting capability.

How Quick is The Energy Transformation With Fatigue Relief Plus®?

Fatigue Relief Plus® begins to work right away, rebuilding and replenishing your energy systems on a cellular level.

It will take some time to FEEL the difference, but that's because Fatigue Relief Plus® is not just giving you a quick, short lived boost.

Picture it this way; when you are very fatigued your mitochondria (the power plants of your cells) are like dry sponges. They actually need to be fully damp to operate best. Fatigue Relief Plus® is like water dripping onto those sponges. It takes a while, but even at one drip at a time the sponges are eventually saturated.

Your cell walls and mitochondria rebuild slowly, but surely, with the NT Factor® in Fatigue Relief Plus®. And, over time, your liver is better protected and supported by the Silymarin Phytosome®, so it can more effectively detoxify your system.

Remember, it usually takes more time to do things right, as opposed to quick fixes that don't last very long.

"As a recent Lyme disease sufferer I still suffer some symptoms. A cloudy brain at the end of the day was the most common. Fatigue Relief Plus® helps me have a clearer mind all the way to bedtime now. Thank you." M. Hubert, Lyme disease patient

40% Less Fatigue Equals 40% More Life

If you are fatigued, it is quite likely your friends and loved ones wish they could share more life with you.

So, what do you want for yourself? How much energy is enough for you?

How much fatigue is too much?

How much longer do you want to drag yourself from activity to activity, or miss out on opportunities for really living and enjoying life with your loved ones and friends?

In multiple clinical studies Fatigue Relief Plus® was clearly shown to relieve fatigue dramatically, even among cancer patients suffering through chemotherapy.

How much better do you think Fatigue Relief Plus® will make YOU feel?

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"Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome both wear me down. Fatigue Relief Plus® has allowed me to work and play more comfortably than I have in years. I have more energy to do the things I need to do AND the things I want to do. I am thrilled with the results so far --- and so are my children, my husband and my co-workers." J. Cook, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue patient

Don't Wait, You Can Get Help Now

The sooner you start taking Fatigue Relief Plus®, the sooner you will begin to feel better.

Remember, the time to act is now. Fatigue rarely goes away by itself. You need to do something. And now that you've discovered Fatigue Relief Plus®, order some today and put it to work in your life.

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We look forward to helping you.

Best regards,

The Natural Wellness Team

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